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The Talvin Line

The Talvin White

This wine is characterised by delicate aromas of pear, melon and honeysuckle flowers with hints of lime and fennel seeds. Refreshing and mineral.

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The Talvin Line

The Talvin White

Talvin White
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"Unusual for a Mallorcan white wine, the Talvin White is invigorating and fresh with its aromas of bright fruits."

Nicola de Waal,Finca Ses Talaioles
  • Description

    First prehistoric settlers on the grounds of Ses Talaioles were the so called “Talajotes”. Their culture is not yet fully explored but what we know is, that they were genius slingshooters when fighting as so-called “Fons Balears” in the Punic wars against the Romans. Later the Romans took advantage of their exceptional fighting technique in various wars and began to settle in Majorca. They brought their highly developed culture to the island and as a main asset they transmitted the know how of growing grapes and producing wine and the wonderful culture of enjoying it. We might call this an early successful migration project which still gives us joy and satisfaction.

  • Winemaking & Ageing

    Gentle treatment of the vines with natural products. Careful cultivation of the soil, promoting biodiversity, to ensure the resistance and health of the vines.
    Harvested grapes are kept in cold chambers for up to 12 hours to preserve aromas and avoid oxidation during destemming.
    Manual selection of grapes before destemming and crushing. Immediate pressing in the basket press.
    Fermentation of the juice in stainless steel tanks at 14 -16°C.
    Storage of the wine after fermentation at a cool temperature.
    Filtration of the wine only shortly before bottling.

    6 months on the lees.

  • Character

    Pale gold with copper tones.

    Delicate aromas of pear, melon and honeysuckle flowers with hints of lime peel and fennel seed.

    Refreshing and mineral on the palate, with white fruit flavours and an elegant texture and balanced acidity

  • Pairing

    It is best to enjoy on its own or as an accompaniment to light dishes such as fish, seafood and salads.

  • Technical Data

    Origin: Mallorca, Spain
    Appellation: Vi de la Terra Mallorca

    Grape varieties: Callet
    Harvest: by hand
    Ageing: 2 years

    Alcohol: 12,5 % vol
    pH-value: 3,37
    Acidity: 4,4 g/l
    Residual sugar: 0,3g/l
    Allergens: Contains sulphites

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